Interdisciplinary Approaches

Welcome message from the Organising Committee

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to welcome all the delegates and their guests to Bucharest for the first LUSEEC Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences.

The issues approached during the debates on gender are gaining a broader scope, in a breadth of scientific studies. Moreover, it seems like the availability to discuss gender issues and to entertain the unveiling subsequent debates is increasing. Lumina - The University of South-East Europe is closely and openly observing these trends, as part of its decision to become the main host of the international conference: Perspectives on Gender in a Global World – Interdisciplinary Approaches. The organisation of the conference has also been enticed by the involvement of the university in the European-funded project: “FEMINIS – LET'S MAKE HEADWAYS TOGETHER!” that started in May 2014 and with an implementation span of 18 months.

The conference aims to answer the need for culture development regarding gender barriers and to solidify the bases of gender equality and equal treatment of men and women, by encompassing various approaches: International Relations, Business Administration, Pedagogy, Law and Culture. This scientific activity aims at stimulating the effort of the conference participants for the identification of new directions of action, for fighting against gender-based discrimination on national and international socio-political level.

Through the organisation of this conference we are aspiring to become one of the national lead academic forums on gender issues. Furthermore, we are also planning to inaugurate a Humanities and Social Sciences Series, under the auspices of our university, to be organised annually. The conference Perspectives on Gender in a Global World –Interdisciplinary Approaches represents the first event of the kind, organised within this series, to fuel the betterment of scientific discourse in Social Sciences.

As for the participants, a very diverse and heterogeneous variety of partakers, from the academic field and not only, is warmly welcome!

Organising Committee
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