AUTHOR GUIDELINES: Will follow the general prerequisites of APA Style; For more references, please visit:;

General Paper Guidelines:
  • All the abstracts and papers submitted will be only in english;
  • Papers submitted should not exceed 3000 words;
  • Abstracts submitted should not exceed 200 words; Abstracts should be followed by five keywords;
  • Abstracts should be written in 12 Times New Roman (TNR), paraghraph justify;
  • Keywords should be written in 12 TNR;
  • Page Layout: 3 cm all margins;
  • The full text of the paper should be written in 12 TNR, 1.5 spacing;
  • The titles and the sub-titles should be written in 13, TNR, Bold, 1.5 spacing;
Citation Guidelines:
  • The references guidelines utilized will be References Citation in Text;
  • In-text citations will be placed with paragraphs and sentences in Italic, between quotation signs;
  • For direct quotation: the extract quoted between quotation signs, followed by the last name of the author and the year of publication - eg: (Jackson, 1945, p. 26);
  • For narratives: the name of the author followed by the year of publication between brackets – eg: Jackson (1945) points out...;
  • When multiple authors are cited: (Leiter & Maslach, 1998, p. 26);
  • In a narrative: Leiter and Maslach (1998) point out...;
  • The footnotes will be written in 10 TNR normal, 1.0 spacing ;
  • When works by different institutions are cited – eg: (National Health Service , 2007);
  • If websites are utilised, then the date and access time of the site shall be mentioned, accompanied by a short description of the websites;
  • When works with no author are cited – the first words of the title shall be used –eg: (”Climate Change”, 1997);
  • The bibliographical references will be arranged by the alphabetical order of the authors; If the works included have no authors, the alphabetical order of the titles will be utilised;
  • For the bibliographical references, the last name accompanied by the initials of each author shall be mentioned;
  • The titles of the works mentioned in the bibliographical references shall be written in italic;
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